Sunday, 28 September 2008


老实说,好多需要做的事情都没法做了, 而好多想要放在部落格的图画,看样子是可以免了.

记得昨天原本要上载50张照片到facebook的, 没想到花了两个小时后,才出现"upload failed"几个大字, 真的很无奈....

Saturday, 13 September 2008



这个月,是我订阅的国家地理杂志的最后一期了... 因为某些原因, 没办法再继续订下去.

这真是一本很好的杂志, 很多的资讯, 很多很专业的照片.

比如这样的东西... 这是旗鱼(sailfish)啦...

突然少了,感觉有点怪... 好可惜哦....

好可惜那些漂亮的文法,那些美丽的照片,那些很漂亮的专业相机的广告 以及那些齐全的资料. 有机会的话,我还会继续订阅的. 等着吧! 哈哈哈哈...

Thursday, 11 September 2008


后记: 在办公室的电梯,有个很大胆的学生大骂"我要回家把全部的教授诅咒死!!!",却没有发现身后居然有一位教职员.....

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Of distance. Of lives.

"What, is distance", yes, we all know that distance is not WHAT. get it? WHAT is distance!! If that is the case, what is distance, and what makes a distance distant?

Distance is a space, or distance is a feeling, or it is something out of this world that we cannot think of. Something which, mankind, in our ignorant, perfect arrogance, can never comprehend?

Distance, as one may say, is something that keeps two things apart, or something that is used to measure the difference of two objects in the physical mean. You can always say that, a thing and another, is different, separated by a millimeter or a meter. And yet, that may not be the case, if we see it in a more abstract view, are they really that far apart?

Of course, referring to solid, stationary subjects that are not alive with feel, physical distance means everything. But in two feeling, sentient beings (read. HUMANS), is this measurement absolute? Two person, can be separated by the greatest of all distance in the world, and yet be closer than ever; they can be stuck together and still be so distant to each other. The distance of distance, is a vague thing to deal with.

Human life, each of them, is like a line on its own. The line moves, and somewhere in the finite life, the lines intercept, tangle and forms a bond. How much the line entwines, is determined by nothing more than the abstract distance of the peoples, the line-mover.

The bonds, the tangling, the interceptions come and go, as peoples do in each others' life.
When people goes, how intact the bond will be, relies totally on the conceptual distance between the lines that formed the bond. When the distance between these minds are as close as they can get, the bonds will hold, no matter the lines move in different direction or in a parallel manner. If the distance of the minds are so remote to each other, the lines that formed the bonds will break, torn apart as soon as the lines start to split. Even if the lines moves and overlaps each other, the immeasurable distance remains, and they are hold apart.

So, how can we measure distance, how do we answer to it, to the whys, whats, and wheres of distance? Do we have an answer? That is a question that, most probably, as answerable as whether a fire or phoenix, came first...

Oh yeah, I am doing some useless thing in the middle of exam period..

Friday, 5 September 2008



Thursday, 4 September 2008